FAIN - Future Active IP Networks

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Project Demo

A number of demonstrations are scheduled during the course of the FAIN Project, in order to show the project direction and results to external parties. Initial demonstrations show the project approaches and appropriate technologies. Later demonstrations are based on project prototypes, developed to explore concepts and techologies, and finally to instantiate the FAIN Architecture.

The following prototypes, showing fundamental Active Network technologies and example Active Services, have been demonstrated:

  • ANN & QoS of multi-media application
  • ORB-based Active Networking
  • Active VPN Service using ABLE
  • Active Web Service
  • High Performance Execution Environment
  • Policy-based Network Management using XML to define policies
  • Mobile Agent Policy-based Network Management using the Grasshopper platform
  • Demultiplexing Active Packets
  • Resource Control Framework
  • Load Distribution
  • Virtual Environment Management
  • Active Network Security Framework
  • Active Service Provision
  • WebTV Service through Active Networking
  • Video on demand
  • Web Service Distribution
  • Mobile Scenario
  • DiffServ Scenario

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