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Publications and Presentations

FAIN has produced papers covering a variety of topics, and presented in many important fora to audiences with an interest in Active Networks. Some of these topics are shown below.
  • A Framework for Resource Management in Active Nodes
  • A Policy –Based Management Approaches for Active and Programmable Networks
  • A Security Architecture for Future Active IP Networks
  • A Service Deployment Architecture for Heterogeneous Active Network Nodes
  • Active Network Architecture
  • Active Networks and Applications
  • Active Networks and the FAIN Project
  • Active Networks Management Approaches
  • Active Virtual Networks Services
  • Ad Hoc Networks with Active Technology: A Synthesis Study
  • An Active Networks Security Architecture
  • An Active Policy-based Management Scenario
  • Authorization in an Active Network Node
  • Concepts and Applications of Active and Programmable Networks
  • Delegation of Management for QoS Aware Active Network
  • Design of DENES, a Resource Control Support for Active IP Networks
  • Distributed Control of Multicast Internet communications with Variable QoS Constraints
  • Dynamic Protocol Provisioning in Active Networks
  • Efficient Packet Monitoring for Network Management
  • Enabling Customer Oriented Service Provisioning by Flexible Code and Resource Management in Active and Programmable Networks
  • Enterprise Model for Active Networks
  • Flexible Active Networks
  • Flexible and Secure Future Active IP Networks
  • Generalised Security Framework for Active Network
  • Integration of an Active Multicast Service based on Mobile Agents on the SEGRET MAGIK Environment
  • Management of Active and Programmable Networks
  • Network Management in Active Network context: Problem and Solutions
  • Open Programmable and Active Networks
  • Packet Filtering for Low-Cost Network Monitoring
  • Policy-based Network Management for Active Networks
  • Provisioning and Security Requirements in Active Networks
  • Service Deployment on High Performance Active Network Nodes
  • Service Distribution in Active Programmable Networks
  • Towards Policy-Based Management of Active Networks

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